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Today, you may be familiar with the most Historical and fascinating facts about Valentines day.

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There are many different theories about the origins of Valentine’s Day, but the hottest and well-known describes the days of the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius II, 270 AD.
Claudius didn’t want his legionaries to wed during the war, because, he thought, single guys were the best soldiers.

Bishop Valentine went against his will and ran secret wedding ceremonies.

Nothing like? So it’s anyway — to fix the historians.

In turn, present the truth about valentine day and actual facts of our reality about the feast of St. Valentine. We read it’ll be much more interesting!

Valentine’s Day is on the brink! But there’s still time to refresh his small features and interesting facts. Amazing and beautiful: the truth that surprised us.

This vacation is a successful effort by the Catholic Church to replace the popular pagan festival (Luperkali) together with the Christian occasion — the dawn of its saint, the patron saint of lovers.
In Europe, February 14 started to observe in the 13th century. This vacation reached the USA only from the 18th century, and in Japan and Russia — in the previous century.
Psychiatric clinics on this day are decorated with red ribbons, and a special service is held at the chapels in the hospitals.

Valentine’s Day has another name that’s all but forgotten –“Bird Wedding”.

In the old days, it was thought that birds start to construct a nest and get ready for the continuation of the genus just on February 14.
The holiday is deemed sinful, in contrast to the bases of Islam. For propaganda of dissolute western customs, this afternoon is punished with penalties.
The Catholic Church expelled Valentine from her host of saints from the 20th century. This conclusion was explained by the absence of evidence and accurate facts about the life and accomplishment of the priest facing Christianity.
The Russian Orthodox Church doesn’t approve of the vacation, considering it to be immoral and unworthy of their early Orthodox principles and customs. The dawn of family, love, and devotion is supplied, and as a model for imitation — a married couple of Murom saints Peter and Fevronia.
French are thought of as the inventors of poetic valentines. On exactly the exact same day, they provide their cherished a ripe red tomato –“love apple”, as it’s called here.
Italians called February 14 that a”sweet moment.” It’s chocolate and other pastries — the most frequent present in this nation for Valentine’s Day.
Many Americans spend money on petroleum places — $700 million!
Every 15th American girl gives herself blossoms on February 14th.

Today, February 14, is the day of love and adore worldwide,

with hearts flooding Earth. Whether you agree or not with the party, certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by anybody.

However, there’s a excellent story about how it began to observe, but also smallish secrets about chocolate, hearts and even gifts for women and men.

1- there’s a belief that states that birds choose their spouses in mid-February, hence love is celebrated on the 14th.

2- In the Philippines each February 14 breaks some listing between couples, like the maximum number of marriages at exactly the exact same time, renewal of botos or the maximum kiss.

3- In Iran, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated, though demonstrations of love as easy as holding hands are prohibited, how ironic, isn’t it?

4- Most people today believe February 14 as the worst day to end a connection, however there are still those who choose this date to initiate a new stage.

5- In March is the month which more pregnancy tests are offered. If we analyze a month or two past couples were celebrating their”love” day in a big way, there isn’t much to comprehend about this curious fact.

6- If you’re single you could go to Italy to spend Valentine’s Day, because it is thought that women without a spouse will marry the first person they meet on February 14th.

7- In the USA on February 14 is also celebrated the quirkyalone, day to celebrate singleness so you’ve got a partner or not, you may enjoy this day, wear your heels and go out to celebrate.

8- It was February 14 the Pfizer laboratory (famous for Viagra) announced a day for consciousness of impotence; Why is it?

9- On February 14, it’s the day that more condoms are offered in the world.

10- Literally you can be”love mad” is known as limerencia and is thought of as the disease of love.

Fascinating facts about Valentine’s day

  1. Red Heart
  2. Red colour in most cultures is related to the color of human blood.

Formerly, people believed that the center is a concentration of love feelings. It’s understood that during mummification, the Egyptians eliminated from the body all organs except the heart.

They believed that with no heart the body of a deceased person wouldn’t have the ability to pass through eternity.

A love knot is a symbol of eternal love, and its twisting loops don’t have any beginning or end. In years past it was made from painted or tape on paper to demonstrate its eternal love.

  1. Cupid

  2. Cupid is a famous symbol of Valentine’s Day. This is a chubby angel boy armed with a bow and arrow. If his arrow pierces the heart of someone, it means he falls in love with a person.

In ancient Roman mythology, Cupid is substituted by Cupid, who’s the son of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

  1. Symbol X
    Many consider that the symbol X is now synonymous with a kiss in the Middle Ages.

They then kissed him to demonstrate their sincerity.

The ribbon symbol

The ribbon emblem, which is currently often decorated with valentines, has its origins in the Middle Ages. Before the conflicts in tournaments, girls of the heart tied knights ribbon as a sign of good luck

Very often in Western nations, lace is used as decoration for Valentine’s Day. The term”lace” (lace) comes from the Latin term”laques”, which means”snare” or”network”, that is, to grab the center of a loved one.

There’s still a favorite medieval misconception that pigeons select a partner for February 14th. This circumstance made them among the most popular symbols drawn on”valentines”. Normally, pigeons choose their lifelong partner, and therefore in mythology they’re often connected with the goddess Venus and other love deities.

Red rose is regarded as a blossom of love, because red color signifies strong romantic feelings.

Worldwide, over 50 million roses are grown for Valentine’s Day.

189 million roses are offered annually in the USA on Valentine’s Day. The vast majority of roses offered on Valentine’s Day in the USA are imported from South America.

The state of California produces 60 percent of American roses, but more of the roses sold on Valentine’s Day are imported to the United States, mainly from South America. 15% of American girls send their own flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Ladies acquire about 85 percent of the whole quantity of valentines sold. More than 50 percent of valentines for Valentines Day have been bought in the previous 6 days before the vacation.

It’s thought that the very first valentine on Valentine’s Day has been sent in 1415 throughout the English Channel Charles, Herzog d’Orleans, to his wife during his imprisonment in the Tower of London. Within this construction, he remained a prisoner for another 24 years.

The first”valentines”, specially created for bulk sale in america,

were devised by 19-year-old Esther A. Howland in 1840. It was she who persuaded her father, who had been engaged in publishing and selling stationery, to publish a sample of a little”Valentine” on paper with a lace pattern.

Esther Howland is also called”Mother of Valentines”.

The very first postcards were quite scenic, and they used real lace, ribbons and colour images.

Esther hoped to obtain a $200 card arrangement, but after just 1 month her brother’s sales ledger was full of orders for a total of $ 5,000. Already with assistance from friends, she launched the first line of American greeting cards, and shortly the profits from the sale of”valentines” surpassed 100,000 dollars annually.

Oddly enough, but Esther Howland was never married, and died an old maid in age 76. Approximately 145 million valentines are sent to the United States annually based on estimates by the United States Greeting Card Association.

US teachers get the maximum number of valentines. In order of popularity, after these are kids, mothers, wives, lovers and pets.

The ancient Roman Lupercalia (wolf festival) are considered the roots of Valentine’s Day. According to the calendar, they dropped from February 13 to 15 and were considered by the Romans as a service of purification, increase of fertility and yield.

Men dressed in suits with stripes of animal skins.

Young people pulled out a notice with the title of a woman on the eve of Luperkali.

The following day, he needed to accompany this woman all at the festival, and, according to some historians, she became his sexual partner for the remainder of the year.

Throughout Luperkali, two teenagers conducted through a bunch of people, waving rods made from goatskin.

If the pole touched the woman’s head, then it was considered a sign that she would give birth to healthy children in the long run.

The goatskin in Latin was known as”februa”, which translates as the verb”to wash.”

Incidentally, the title of this month as”February” comes just from this word.

Among the variations of Valentine’s Day is that Valentine was among the first Christians that had been imprisoned for refusing to worship the Roman gods.

In the Middle Ages, young people threw notes with their titles to the bowl, and then pulled to find out that their preferred one (Valentine) are.

Throughout the following week that they wore a bandage with this name on their sleeves so that everybody could see their preferred one.

In the Middle Ages, women ate odd foods on Valentine’s Day to see their future husband in a dream.

Casanova, called the”greatest lover in the world,” ate chocolate to maintain himself in”shape” In the 19th century, physicians usually advised their heart-broken patients to eat chocolate, asserting that it may soothe their pain.

In 1868, Richard Cadbury devised the very first box of chocolates when he decorated the candy in the box with a portrait of his small daughter holding a kitten in her arms.

Alexander Graham Bell for the first time employed his patent to the phone, as an”improvement in telegraphy,” on Valentine’s Day 1876. Japanese folks met with Valentine’s Day in 1936.

Since that time, it has become a highly popular holiday. As a result of error made in the translation of one of the local chocolate firms, it was made public that only women should purchase wrapped chocolate dedicated to this vacation to their husbands or lovers.

Therefore, for Japan, this is the day when Japanese girls reveal their love for a guy. Japanese guys should thank their wives on White Day, which is celebrated on March 14th.

Studies reveal that 75% of possible suicide attempts are linked to issues in love relationships.

A recent poll revealed that one out of ten young folks who spend this vacation alone isn’t safe for itself and society and falls into depression. And these are only those young folks who recognized it! 40 percent of people in the usa have negative feelings towards Valentine’s Day.

More than 36 million boxes of heart-shaped chocolate are offered on Valentine’s Day. Approximately 8 billion candies in the kind of hearts are created in the united states.

220000 is the yearly average number of wedding offers on Valentine’s Day. In the US, 64% of men don’t make plans in progress for romantic Valentine’s Day with their lovers.

In the united states, the state of Texas, there’s a city named Valentine, but not for romantic reasons.

Only the very first train came here on February 14th. Condom sales are rising considerably before and after Valentine’s Day.

The firm”Durex”, which is a recognized global manufacturer of those products, found that its sales of products in those days increased by 20-30%.

In 2010, in the Mexican capital, Mexico City, yet another world record was broken for the most gigantic kiss on the planet, where an odd number of individuals (39,897) engaged for unknown reasons.

A particular group of feminists suggested to celebrate February 14 an alternative holiday, the Day of Solitude. It’s thought that those who”resist the tyranny of branch into pairs” will observe it.

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