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Emperor Claudius ordered Valentin.

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The officer Asterius, place Valentine and of imprisoning him in charge, desired to ridicule.

He challenged her to return her sight named Julia, who was born blind. Valentin restored his sight, accepted and, in the Lord’s name.

On February 14, Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day, it is celebrated in Chile. In Bolivia, the so-called’Day of friendship and love’ is September 21.

The question is did valentine’s day become an official holiday although All of us know that Valentine day is celebrated on February.

The holiday of St Valentine’s Day, February 14 was formally declared by England’s King Henry VII, in 1537

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated on earth?

In Europe, we can discover unique customs.

The women of Italy and Great Britain, on Valentine’s Day, get up impatiently before dawn and stand in front of the window waiting for a man to pass.

This is because they say the first man to see or appear, will marry them . They, hoping that this occurs, every year, go to their windows in case.

The Valentine’s Day is not the same in all parts of the world, each country has its customs and ways of celebrating.

The civilization has brought an accumulation of customs, many of them destined in Saint Valentine’s feast together promote, to celebrate and extol the couple’s love.

Since Ofelia, a song in which she says something similar is sung by a woman of this drama. Related article’s:

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England’s King Henry VII announced 14 and officially make a statement the holiday of Saint Valentine’s Day.

The priest Valentine considered for this he was martyred and the decree was unfair and secretly celebrated marriages for young men and women in love and executed on February 14.

Valentine day celebrated all over the world and below check the list of nations who celebrate Valentine’s day.

Read more about Romantic ways valentine day to celebrate. In Argentina it is known as”Valentine’s Day” and it is celebrated on February 14th.

Did valentine’s day become an official holiday?

This fact shook his loved ones and Asterius, who converted to Christianity.

Valentine stayed imprisoned along with the Emperor Claudio ordered that he implemented and be martyred on February 14, 270.

Another element of the day are flowers, and it’s in Denmark,

where people are in the custom of sending pressed flowers called drops of snow for their loved people, whether they are friends or a couple.

For their part, the men were not likely to be left behind, they send letters called”gaekkebrev (funny letter), and at the sender they write a rhyme but they do not sign with their name but with points, one for each letter of their name.

If the woman who receives it guesses who delivered it, she is rewarded by him with an Easter egg at that party.

English children, on the other hand,

Have the habit of singing love songs of their own in return they get money, sweets, fruits or presents, for the occasion.

In some regions of England, it is very typical of the day for people to bake exceptional rolls made from plums, seeds, or raisins.

In Italy, Valentine’s feast is celebrated by them as though it were a big party.

Valentine’s Day is associated with a Roman priest and physician

Valentine’s Day is associated with a Roman priest and physician

who had been beheaded on February 14, 269

The question came about valentine’s day’s official holiday in thoughts.

After knowing and searching about Valentine day History I receive my answer and here I will tell you.

In Brazil, the so-called ‘Day Two Namorados’ (wedding day) is on June 12. This February 14 will be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

However, very few know the history of Valentine’s day and behind this date for lovers.

We tell you everything starts. On February 14, it is not celebrated in Colombia but in September.

The Julia planted an almond tree. Therefore, the tree is a symbol of love and friendship.

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