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25+ Best Valentine’s day crafts for kids 2019

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We offer wonderful ideas for Valentines day crafts for kids 2019 so that your child can also congratulate someone he likes on this beautiful day, or just to decorate the house for the holiday.

Everyone, in one way or another, is preparing for the arrival of Valentine’s Day, February 14. So, there are those who are already thinking about
Valentine’s day gifts or who are already making plans for that date

However, in addition to all that, parents can choose to involve their children in Valentine’s day celebration. How? Developing with these

what are Valentine’s day crafts.
Valentine’s day crafts for kids
Do you dare to know them?

In this way, you will be able to spend time with your little ones and, moreover, discover the value of the celebration. Take note, we present the most significant ones below:

Love cards

Undoubtedly, Valentine’s postcards are one of the simplest and most appropriate crafts to make with children. In addition, they help them to fully develop their imagination and creativity.

To carry out a basic model you need to have cardboard, scissors, pencil, ruler and colored markers. Once with all these materials, you will have to proceed, with the help of the ruler and the pencil, to draw on the card the size of the card.

Then, it will be cut and folded in half. Then, what will remain will be to start decorating it with happy valentine’s day quotes, words of love, reasons like hearts… That and what everyone wants.

EVA rubber bracelets

The material known as EVA rubber has become in recent years one of the preferred to carry out crafts with children. In this case, what we propose is that you make at home bracelets with the same for all members of the family.

What do you need to have? Basically sheets of different colors of EVA rubber, scissors, glue, pencil, and meter.

Then we will start taking measurements with the meter the size of the wrist of each member of the family. Then, with those will proceed to draw them in the main material and will be cut.

Then, they can be made with the excess rubber hearts or flowers that will then be glued along each bracelet. Finally, the glue will be used to join the two ends of the bracelet.

Valentine’s Shirts

Within the set of Valentine’s day crafts for the kids we could not ignore this one that is very fun. And it will allow each member of the family to have their personalized t-shirt on February 14th.

In order to carry out this manual work you need to have white T-shirts of the sizes of each person and markers or textile paint, which will serve to decorate the aforementioned garments.

Once you have gathered the aforementioned materials, what you will have to do is let your imagination and creativity fly. Children can decorate these shirts as they like: making a drawing of the family, putting ” I love you”, drawing motifs of Valentine’s Day, giving shape to the outline of your hand.

Frame for photo with legumes

Among the crafts that occupy us you must also take into consideration the carrying out this other one that is also really simple.

That without forgetting that it will help to decorate the house and even the office of mom or dad, as desired.

The materials needed are a bag of macaroni, cardboard, glue, scissors, pencil and a photograph that you want to use as decoration.

What you need to do is, with the help of a pencil, draw on the cardboard what would be the base and the front of the frame. Then they will be cut. The photo will be pasted on the base and the front on the snapshot.

Then, they will proceed to paste the macaroni for everything that is the front zone of the frame in the disposition that is wanted. And that’s it.

To hang that frame anywhere you can add a string of colors.

Bottle with messages of love

Another of the simplest and most appropriate Valentine’s Day crafts for kids is the one we are now proposing. Specifically, it consists of giving a message of love in a bottle.

For that, you need to have an empty bottle, cardboard, markers, scissors, and red string. Once you have these materials, you will have to cut out on the cardboard squares of a certain size that will be where the love phrases you want to “send” will be written.

When all the squares have been written, each one will curl up to form a kind of tube and then it will be surrounded with a string. At the moment you have ready all the messages will be introduced in the bottle.

What do you think of our handicraft proposals for Valentine’s Day?

20+ Original crafts for Valentine’s Day 2019 for children with their own hands
Until the most romantic day of the year. It’s time to start thinking about pleasant surprises for Valentine’s Day 2019. But not only adults celebrate February 14, but also children.

We offer several ideas of what you can do with children on Valentine’s Day 2019 with your own hands,

then to give to a girlfriend or friend as a Valentine’s gift. And some other ideas are perfect if you need to decorate a house, school or kindergarten for Valentine’s Day.

Original crafts for Valentine’s Day for children 2019 with their own hands. Help your child create his own masterpiece for Valentine’s Day with the help of original dies. Take the cardboard sleeve from the toilet paper, bend it so that it turns out to be a heart shape, fix with scotch and ask the child to moisten it and put dies on paper. Such a beautiful picture can be presented to dad, grandmother or grandfather on February 14th.

Original crafts for Valentines Day 2019 for children with their own hands

Potato stamps are another option for decorating a craft or a postcard for Valentine’s Day. Cut the raw potatoes in half and carefully cut the heart into a volumetric shape in half. Let the child wash the stamp in the paint and put marks on the paper.

Handicraft for Valentines Day in the form of a picture with prints of the feet and hands
Handicraft for Valentine’s Day in the form of a picture with prints of the feet and hands of the baby will be an excellent gift to your father or your closest relatives, whom you also love very much.


Collect old magazines, postcards or wrapping paper with your child, from which you need to cut many, many different hearts. Next, the hearts should be glued on double sided tape, and then – on the cardboard. Help your child arrange his craft in the frame. Such a picture on Valentine’s Day can be a great gift or a festive piece of interior.


A garland of paper hearts is a great holiday idea for Valentine’s Day decorations. Children can make these crafts out of paper today, and on the eve of February 14 they will simply decorate your house.

A garland of paper hearts

Remember how recently we all made Christmas wreaths with our own hands? By the same principle, children can make festive wreaths for Valentine’s Day to decorate their walls. The main element of all – of course, the heart. Paper hearts can be decorated with a cardboard circle, or the wreath itself can be made in the shape of a heart.

In addition to paper, a festive wreath on Valentine’s Day can be decorated with soft and fluffy pompoms. How to make pompons from threads – read the link. It will be very beautiful and romantic!


Valentine’s Day is impossible to imagine without Valentine’s cards. Invite your child to make cute Valentine’s Day postcards with their own hands so as not to spend money on the store. In addition, the child can make as many cards as he wants, and decorate them at his discretion. See the link for how to make a card with an embroidered heart .

Valentine’s day crafts can also be in the form of cute animals or birds. The main thing is to have an abundance of hearts, as well as red and pink. Well, where do without them?

cute animals or birds

To decorate the windows of the room for Valentine’s Day, make stained glass windows made of colored paper in the shape of hearts. Children will be immensely happy when the sun’s rays begin to break through the colorful pattern.

In schools on Valentine’s Day for anonymity usually put special boxes in which everyone can put the valentine. From a cardboard box, you get such a cute and completely non-fearful “devourer” of valentines.

Kids will love making crafts on Valentine’s Day from chocolates. You can decorate them with holiday symbols, attach them to a card or make original gifts of them.

Kids will love making crafts on Valentine

If a children ‘s party for Valentine’s Day is planned in a kindergarten or school , girls can make themselves special crowns out of paper with hearts and special ornaments on their necks. Such crafts will create a unique festive image of a girl.

For a home celebration of Valentine’s Day, make a big game with the children on the principle of tic-tac-toe, only with colored hearts. This craft can be used not only on Valentine’s Day, but also on any day when you want to have fun while playing an interesting game.

Stained biscuits are also a great Valentine’s Day hack that you can do with your own children. It is very tasty and beautiful.

Children’s crafts for Valentine’s Day can be very diverse: from toys made of felt or thread to beautiful gift boxes. And if the child is interested, offer to invent and make something of their own.

Valentine’s day crafts for kids

We hope these ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019 will appeal to you and your child, because they are so easy to make with your own hands, in order to give someone or to decorate the room. With such original crafts the holiday of lovers will become even brighter and more interesting!

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